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Intensive Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service includes dusting furniture and windows, wiping and mopping the floors, cleaning the toilets and the sinks, and washing the dishes with extra care, thoroughness, and more equipment. We also use advanced steaming technology. Steaming machine will sanitize your apartment or villa effectively. The cleaners know where to focus their efforts on, whether it be under your bed or that hard to reach corner that needs some extra cleaning.

We Focus on the following areas for deep cleaning:

Living room: We dust the ceiling fan, clean all the lampshades and light fixtures.  The windows, floors, and tiles are provided with extra care to make it clean. We do a thorough vacuuming of the carpets, upholstered furnishings, and floor mats to remove all the dust accumulated on the surface.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, we make sure that insides of cabinets, ovens, sides of the cooking area are well cleaned and spotless. We focus on the spots and hard stains on the cabinet doors, underneath the sink and space over the cupboards. The fridge and oven are given special care to make it thoroughly clean. The steaming is used to remove the grease and oil from kitchen walls and cabinets.

Bathroom: We clean and disinfect bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. The tiles on the floor and walls are scrubbed by hard brushes to remove the accumulated dirt. Grout cleaning is done using a steaming machine if required. We also spot clean doors and frames, wipe down baseboards, and window sills.

Bedroom: We dust the picture frames and door frames. All the electrical appliances, floors, and tiles are cleaned by dusting, mopping, and brushing. We also vacuum and flip the mattress, straightening and organizing beds, changing the linen if necessary.

Deep Cleaning

Kills 99.9% pathogens, germs & bacteria


Child & Pets Safe




EPA Registered & DM Approved


100% Touch-Less


Non Toxic & BioDegradable Disinfectants

All Materials, Products, And Equipment We Use Are EPA & Dubai Municipality Approved

Deep Cleaning for homes Dubai

Complete Deep Cleaning

Every home needs periodic deep cleaning to get rid of accumulated dirt. We are committed to offering incomparable residential as well as commercial service. So, you can sit back and relax while our reliable professionals fulfill all your cleaning requirements.

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Eco-Friendly and Dubai Municipality approved, our deep cleaning service includes completely cleaning of all the rooms and living areas.

The kitchen, cabinets, drawers and dining hall tend to be spaces where dirt quickly accumulates. Our professional team will make light work of these cleaning chores.

Cleanliness can keep several diseases away. CTT deep cleaning services helps you to gain a dust-free home for quite a while. Get complimented for maintaining an impeccable home.

Need cleaning in a hurry? You can schedule a clean-up as early as today. CTT Cleaning professionals know which cleaning products should be used for every dust prone area.

Reaching out to each and every corner of a room and cleaning different areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, etc requires advanced equipment and tools. CTT Cleaning team is equipped with each and every cleaning product, solutions and latest cleaning tools.


Our Success Secret

We are committed to every client, embracing each with a view as our life long consumer. Everything we do is centered on our values of honesty, integrity, genuine care and concern for our customers. We aim to be there to answer their constantly-evolving needs in today’s fast-paced world. We have a comprehensive range of solutions using the most advanced technologies, equipment and methods. Be it a small office space, site or a manufacturing facility, we take pride in having the expertise, experience and dedication to deliver professional cleaning to the highest standards.

Bundle Offer on

Deep Cleaning services

We offer affordable packages for all your cleaning needs. Whether it’s your home or office, we have tailormade cleaning and AMC packages for you.

With the most competitively priced packages, we promise to offer you great deals and satisfactory results. Our pocket-friendly packages come with the following add-ons.

Complete hygiene

Use of green products

Time saving services

Complete security

Apartment Offers

Starts from
AED 399
  • Studio - AED 399
  • 1 BHK - AED 499
  • 2 BHK - AED 599
  • 3 BHK - AED 699

Villa Offers

Starts from
AED 599
  • 1 BHK - AED 599
  • 2 BHK - AED 699
  • 3 BHK - AED 849
  • 4 BHK - AED 999

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