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Your sofas, lounge chairs, office chairs are regularly being exposed to: dirt & allergens, germs & bacteria, stains & odors, fleas & dust mites.

The truth is when we are out of our or offices, we will be sitting on the bus, taxi, metro, coffee shops and other public places and back on our office chairs and sofas. Hence, it becomes unavoidable that we are accumulating dirt in our chairs and sofas. Having CTT Cleaning Services to professionally maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery, it will not only benefit you but also your family, friends, colleagues and customers. Our sofa cleaning services in Dubai are cost-effective that ensures you a dirt-free sofa at your home or work.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you’re getting one of the best sofa cleanings Dubai has to offer.


Kills 99.9% pathogens, germs & bacteria


Child & Pets Safe




EPA Registered & DM Approved


100% Touch-Less


Non Toxic & BioDegradable Disinfectants

All Materials, Products, And Equipment We Use Are EPA & Dubai Municipality Approved

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We specialize in Office Sofa Cleaning

In a world where the demand for spotless and inviting office spaces is paramount, CTT Office Sofa Cleaning Services takes the lead in providing exceptional solutions for your corporate lounging areas. Our dedicated team of office upholstery professionals is unwavering in their commitment to delivering unparalleled services, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and appealing office environment while we take care of all your office sofa cleaning needs.

The accumulation of dust and allergens on office sofas can lead to discomfort and allergenic reactions, but our expert team guarantees a breath of fresh and clean air after their meticulous work.

Reviving every thread and fiber in your office sofas necessitates advanced techniques and tools. Rest assured, the CTT Office Sofa Cleaning Services team arrives equipped with cutting-edge products, innovative cleaning solutions, and the latest in upholstery cleaning equipment to bring a new level of freshness and comfort to your office seating areas. Choose CTT Office Sofa Cleaning Services and experience a transformation in the cleanliness and appeal of your office lounge spaces.

If you're unsure about where to begin with your office sofa cleaning journey, let our experienced professionals take the lead, rejuvenating even the most delicate fabrics and mastering the art of restoring various upholstery materials.

A well-maintained and clean office sofa reflects a professional and inviting workspace. CTT's office sofa cleaning services ensure a pristine, allergen-free environment that leaves a lasting impression on clients, employees, and visitors who appreciate your commitment to providing a fresh and welcoming office atmosphere.

For office sofa cleaning, you need the right expertise and equipment, and our experts are well-versed in selecting the ideal cleaning solutions for all your office seating


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We are committed to every client, embracing each with a view as our life long consumer. Everything we do is centered on our values of honesty, integrity, genuine care and concern for our customers. We aim to be there to answer their constantly-evolving needs in today’s fast-paced world. We have a comprehensive range of solutions using the most advanced technologies, equipment and methods. Be it a small office space, site or a manufacturing facility, we take pride in having the expertise, experience and dedication to deliver professional cleaning to the highest standards.

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